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cable ties clips and metal stampingmetal stamping & metal stampings and buckle, metal ty-rap, cable, clips, ties  precision pressings and components  manufactured in the UK for export worldwide manufactured by Mike Eager at his Engineering pressworks in Birmingham West Midlands England United Kingdom Great Britain UK . We would be pleased to submit our proposals for all your metal pressing requirements.

stampings manufactured by Mike Eager UKWe specialise in the production of bespoke pressed metal parts and components, light assembly products, electro-mechanical assembly, tapping and riveting work, bolted and screwed sub-contract assembly and spotwelding assignments. We manufacture a branded product range of Buckle clips made from different metals ( electro tinned brass and aluminium ) and supplied to Electricity Supply Companies and Electrical Contractors both at home and abroad. Other branded products include non-ferrous washers for fluid and gas valves and for use on electrical terminals.

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Product range samples:| Bracket for attaching automotive metal pipelinesConnector for office partitioning systems | Bracket for mounting automotive fuel injectors | Brass stopcock washersGlass locating bracket for partitioning systems | Becomes a female connector on television aerial sockets | Completed female connector on television aerial sockets | Steel saddle for the automotive industry | Lampshade mounting clip | Pierced steel blank 35mm long | Nickel - plated phosphor bronze clip for use in rotary electrical switches | Brackets for A/c pipe Automotive | Eyelets for Automotive control cables | Part of Hook for Hoist |  Various Buckle Clips 25 mm to 220 mm | Fittings for cables - Automotive industry | Limiter Assembly accelerator cable | Brackets for fuel systems | Brackets for fuel systems | Retaining bracket Automotive Fuel Systems | Shackle for control cable - Agricultural equipment | Bracket , Clutch cable - Agricultural Equipment | Retaining bracket Automotive Fuel Systems | Battery Terminal Portable P . A . Systems | Guide for accelerator cable | Bracket - emission system | Clamp - Coaxial electrical cable | Spring Clip - Phospor Bronze - Rotary switch | Location Washer | " Belville " Washer | Solder Tags - Single and Double | Electrical Terminal - moulded inCopper washer for terminal | Cable end - bicycle hub gears | D ' washer Brass | Reflector Bracket - cycle front | Reflector Bracket - cycle rear | Lever - Ball valve | Side Plate Accelerator Pedal Assembly | Lamp mounting bracket - Earth Mover | Table Lampshade bracket | Bracket - Dipstick Tube | Reflector Bracket - Cycle | Bracket - Brake Cable for Automotive Industry | Plate 38 mm x 50 mm x 1.6 mm  | Clip - Price Ticket - shop fittings | Mounting Plate for Earth moving equipment | Television Aerial Sockets | Blanking Plate - Earth Moving Equipment | Table Lampshade bracket | Price card clip with projection-welded stud for shop fitting trade | Brazed on clip for fuel pipe ( heavy vehicles ) | Conveyor belt bracket - to be moulded into polyurethane | Top hat bracket for Vehicle racking systems | Side plate for vehicle racking systemsSide plate for vehicle racking systems | Small top hat bracket for office partitioning systems | 102 mm , 178 mm and 220 mm Buckle ClipsGalvanised washer ( 76 mm dia ) for holding down insulation on industrial roofing systems | Galvanised washer ( 70 mm Square ) for holding down insulation on industrial roofing systems | Part of Automotive engine hoist assembly | Cycle reflector bracket | Chrome plated support for door on domestic appliance | Bracket for automotive dipstick tube | Cycle front reflector bracket | End fittings for automotive door and seat cables | Hinge plate for ' ' lamp | Bracket for automotive air conditioning pipes ( with weld pips ) | Wardrobe door system hanger | Bracket for body tube with weld pips and projection welded nut ( automotive ) | Bracket for Automotive Fuel systems | Support bracket for commercial vehicle fuel system | Bracket for body tube with weld pips and projection welded nut ( automotive ) | Chrome plated wire door support for domestic plate warmer | Strengthening plate for hinge mounting on personnel door ( industrial buildings ) | Lever assembly - bonnet release ( 4 x 4 vehicle ) | Lever assembly - bonnet release ( passenger car ) | Lever assembly - bonnet release ( passenger car ) | Assembly retainer for caravan and trailer electrical plug | Part of accelerator pedal assembly | Oil cooler mounting bracket with projection welded nut in galvanised steel | Oil cooler mounting bracket with projection welded nut in galvanised steel | Body brace mounting bracket - heavy automotive | Support for flexible industrial door systems - in various sizes | Lever for ball valve on industrial spray booth | Galvanised steel blank for Oil cooler mounting bracket |